Wood Carving  11/3/17

with Martin Brockman in Wilderness Wood

Mosaic with Hannah Griffiths in Isfield Village Hall

Wood Carving with Martin Brockman in Wilderness Wood

Woodblock Printing 6/8/16 

with Martin Brockman and Adele Scantlebury

​We had a small but select group this time.  ​It was a beautiful sunny day so we had lunch outside.  Everyone worked really hard to get to grips with using the different materials, and by the end of the day they were rewarded with a new understanding of woodblock printing.  

Wood Carving 26/11/16

​with Martin Brockman in Wilderness Wood

                       Mosaic  17/6/17

with Hannah Griffiths in Isfield Village Hall

Dyeing with Indigo & Shibori 8/4/17

with Christine Cooper in Wilderness Wood

​​Withy Deer Sculpture with Martin Brockman in Wilderness Wood

Withy Deer Sculpture  19/11/16

​with Martin Brockman in Wilderness Wood

Woodblock Printing with Adele Scantlebury in Isfield Village Hall

​Woodblock Printing  12/11/16

with Adele Scantlebury & Martin Brockman

​It was a wet and blustery day outside but we were all cosy in Isfield Village Hall, focused on creating some original artwork.  

Everyone was well prepared with photos, sketches and ideas so by lunchtime the first print was made.  We enjoyed homemade cake and biscuits throughout the day which kept everyone fuelled to produce some lovely prints and Christmas cards.

Wood Carving 7/5/16 with Martin Brockman

Wilderness Wood was a riot of bluebells and tender green leaves as we started carving.  Martin showed everyone how to get started,

to find the bird hiding in their log.  It was a lovely relaxing day with everyone productively chipping away under the coolness of the canvas.  The wooden birds were given an extra touch of life by charring them black and a smear of red iron oxide.  

Woodblock Printing 2/4/16

with Adele Scantlebury & Martin Brockman

We had a full house for this workshop.  Isfield Village Hall was particularly bucolic with lambs in the field next door bleating contentedly in the sunshine.

By lunchtime everyone had managed to successfully carve a block that they had designed - with the help of much tea and cake!  We used a long mirror for rolling out the ink and then it was full on printing for a couple of hours.  Everyone had a box of their own original prints to take home at the end of the day. 

Woodblock Printing 15/7/17 ​with Martin Brockman &

Adele Scantlebury ​in Isfield Village Hall

​​​​​​​​Withy Animal Sculpture with Martin Brockman 12/3/16

We spent a lovely day in Wilderness Wood making deer sculptures out of hazel, hornbeam and willow.  The morning mist clung to the woodland around us, but soon disappeared as the sun came out.

We had a tasty lunch at the Wilderness Cafe, which was much needed as we had all worked very hard.  By the end of the day everyone had a fabulous sculpture to take home and admire at leisure in their garden!​​